9 must have maternity clothing pieces for your capsule wardrobe

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As you go on your pregnancy journey from the first trimester to the third trimester, your baby grows inside you and your body slowly changes. This means you will need to buy new clothes. For me, I didn’t want to spend a lot of money buying a whole new wardrobe that I would only wear for such a short period in my life. What’s the solution? Invest in essential versatile maternity pieces. Create a maternity capsule wardrobe.

Essential maternity clothing

  1. Belly belt
  2. Belly band
  3. Maternity black dress
  4. Maternity black pants
  5. Maternity top
  6. Maternity cami
  7. Loose button up shirt
  8. Loose blouse
  9. Maternity bras
  10. Shop your wardrobe

Belly belt

Essential. Helps extend your wardrobe. As the size of your belly changes, the belly belt allows you to continue to wear your existing pants, skirts and shorts . It comes with two types of extenders – button fasteners and slide fasteners – in two lengths. Each button fastener has three settings, and each slide fastener has two settings. There are also three panels in denim, black and white, to keep your belly covered. Though, instead of using the panels, I preferred pairing with a belly band (see below).

Belly band

Essential. Another way to extend your existing wardrobe. Use it like a belt to hold undone pants, shorts and skirts up. Or use it under your tops to cover up your changing belly. My favourite way to use it was on top of the belly belt (see above). I found the belly band tended to not be strong enough to hold up undone pants, skirts and shorts on its own, and it looked more flattering than using the belly belt panels.

Maternity black dress

A must. You belly will get big closer to bub’s due date, so you need a maternity specific dress for the right fit. Perfect to wear to work and casually. Buy in black maternity dress to ensure it is versatile. You can dress it up with a suit jacket and ballet flats (since you may have given up heels already) for work, or dress it down with a casual jacket and sandals. Buy one that is also nursing friendly to extend the life of the dress. Think a nursing layer, buttons, snaps or zips.

Maternity black pants

For when you’ve outgrown the belly belt. Perfect to wear to work and casually. Again, black is best for versatility. Best fit is straight, slim or skinny for balance with flowy tops. You can buy trousers or jeans.

Maternity tee

Select a plain maternity tee to ensure you can dress it up for work and dress it down for a casual weekend. Buy one that is nursing friendly to extend the life of the tee further. Styles include a nursing layer, buttons, snaps and zips.

Maternity cami

A great piece. Wear on its own in summer, or use it to keep warm as a layer in winter. Again, select a plain cami to help with mixing and matching with other top layers and bottoms. Choose a nursing friendly cami to extend the life. There are ones with nursing layers, buttons, snaps and zips.

Loose button up shirts

Transfer from your existing wardrobe. A loose top means it can still fit while your body size and proportions change. Also, button up shirts are nursing friendly.

Loose blouse

Transfer from your existing wardrobe. Again, loose means it can glide over your growing belly. You can even lift it up when you nurse bub. For added modesty when nursing (since you will be lifting the blouse halfway up your body), wear a jacket, and/or use a nursing cover.

Maternity bras

Ok, I don’t usually include under garments as part of a capsule wardrobe, but these are essential particularly if you are nursing your baby. It just makes it so much more convenient, quick and easy. Select maternity bras that are wirefree to accommodate your changing cup size throughout the day.

Shop your wardrobe

Look at what you have in your wardrobe and choose outerwear, clever cuts, and comfort.

Did I miss anything? What would you include in your must have maternity clothing list? Let me know in the comments below.

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