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Pinterest Pin Creation

A different pin creation service

Petite Capsule Services works with bloggers to create lots and lots of fresh pins, to drive traffic to your blog. 

Pinterest loves new content. 

Does this mean you need to write a blog post every day? 


You just need new pins. 

The more new and fresh pins you publish on Pinterest, means more Pinterest love – more eyes on your pins, more traffic, more subscribers, more sales, and standing out in a crowd of millions of other businesses. 

But creating pins takes time. 

Do you struggle to keep up with constantly making fresh pins for Pinterest? 

Petite Capsule Services can help free up your time, so you can focus on other important areas of your business. 

Petite Capsule Services would love to create a month of pins for each of your blog posts, using various images, text, colours, fonts and designs. 

Pin Creation Packages

$210 USD$900 USD$1,800 USD
30 pins150 pins360 pins
For 1 to 3 blog postsFor 5 to 10 blog postsFor 12 to 24 blog posts

Trial Offer for New Clients

30 pins for $30 USD

$1 per pin

For 1 to 3 blog posts

Terms and conditions apply

Pinterest Management

A different pin management service

Petite Capsule Services specialises in Pinterest Management for bloggers.

Would you like to tap into Pinterest’s traffic potential, but you are not sure how?

Do you struggle to keep up with creating fresh pins and publishing on Pinterest?

Petite Capsule Services can help free up your time, so you can focus on other important areas of your business.

Pinterest Management Packages

$347 USD*$647 USD*$997 USD*
Up to 300 pins scheduledUp to 300 pins scheduledUp to 600 pins scheduled
Monthly analytics reportMonthly analytics reportMonthly analytics report
Pinterest SEOPinterest SEO
FREE BONUS: Creation of 30 pins ($210 USD value)**FREE BONUS: Creation of 150 pins ($900 USD value)***
* Rate is per month. Minimum 3 months contract.
** For 1 to 3 blog posts.
*** For 5 to 10 blog posts.

Trial Offer for New Clients

Monthly contracts are available for up to 3 months when you first engage Petite Capsule Services for Pinterest Management.

Terms and conditions apply.


I was amazed at how many eye catching, professional looking pins Clara was able to create for me from only a couple of photos! I had never considered that I needed to create so many pins for one post, in order to improve my results. (Normally I just made 1 or 2 per post). In either case I certainly wouldn’t have been able to prioritise the time to design all of these myself (nor do I have those skills to do so). I’m super happy that I now have 30 fresh pins to help promote a post that I’ve put a lot of time into but hasn’t yet had the eyes on it that it deserves. I’d highly recommend Clara’s services if you’re after quality designs that fit well with your branding.

Elly McGuinness |

Excellent job! Clara from Petite Capsule designed 30 beautiful pins for a popular post on my travel blog that didn’t do well on Pinterest. They all look professional and vibrant, can’t wait to publish them and see the results.

The communication was smooth, she asked for all the requirements and wishes beforehand in the form of a straight forward list. I highly recommend her to design your pins.

Katalin |

When it comes to Pinterest images, Clara is simply the best. She’s a very creative designer; you will be amazed at what she can do. 
If you’re looking to hire someone that understands what it takes to create the types of Pinterest images that gets results, go for Clara.

Theodore Nwangene |

Great range of pin designs and really visually impactful. Much more variety in how they’re laid out than usual pin creation services provide.

Chantell Glenville |

Pin Portfolio

Below is a sample of pins I have created for bloggers in various niches, including mum/parenting, travel, homeschool, fitness, and trades.

Mum and Parenting Pins

Travel Pins

Homeschool Pins

Fitness Pins

Trades Pins