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    Breastfeeding tips for new moms: Common breastfeeding questions answered by a Certified Lactation Counsellor

    Today I would like to introduce Rachel Da Silva, a Registered Nurse, Certified Lactation Counsellor, mum and founder of Mommy Did You Know. She will be sharing her breastfeeding tips for new moms. You can also read about the most common breastfeeding mistakes and how to fix them, a mum’s personal experience and tips for breastfeeding around the world, and breastfeeding essentials for new mums. Breastfeeding tips for new moms The birth of a baby is such an exciting time for a new family. However, it also comes with a lot of questions. As a nurse and lactation counsellor, my patients are always asking me questions about breastfeeding, newborn care,…

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    Best place to travel with baby in Asia

    A lot of people say you should travel before you have kids, because you can’t when you do have kids, and to especially stay away from Asia. I disagree. Before my little one turned two, he had already travelled to four countries, three of which were in Asia. (Yes, he is very lucky to have parents that love to travel. Mind you, the first time I went overseas was when I was in my twenties and I paid for it by myself). Though some destinations are more baby friendly than others. I’ll share with you what I think are baby friendly travel destinations in Asia. I also reached out to…

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    Indoor Activities for Babies and Toddlers: Age appropriate activities for infants and toddlers

    What activities can you do with infants indoors? What can do you do on a rainy day with a baby? How do you entertain a baby? What activities help child development? What are age appropriate activities for infants? What are practical activity gifts for a one year old? There are so many fun activities you can do at home with your kids. I have created a list of indoor activities for babies to help you entertain your little one. Please note any activities baby does should be under your supervision or that of another trusted adult. Activities to do with a newborn, 0 to 3 months old Supported tummy time…

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    New Mum Blogs: Mum to mum advice

    Being a new mum is a tough job. There’s no manual, guidebook or standard operating procedure to follow. The best way to forge ahead on your new adventure called motherhood, is to get advice mum to mum. You can call your mum, sisters, friends, or check out these new mum blogs, including mummy bloggers UK and Europe, mummy bloggers Australia, working mum blog, and family travel blogs. Hope you find this mummy bloggers list useful. New Mum Blogs The Thoughtful Parent The Thoughtful Parent is a parenting blog that strives to bring child development research into the lives of parents in a way they can actually use. They provide articles…

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    10 tips for having a great family holiday when travelling with baby and toddler

    Today I’d like to introduce Elizabeth from Simple Tender Joyful. Using her experience of travelling with baby and toddler, she has compiled some super handy tips on how to have a great family holiday. Enjoy! You can also read mum of three, Leslie’s, six secrets to travelling peacefully with a toddler, Alia’s tips for travelling with two toddlers overseas, and what Lucy learnt from her first holiday with baby. Ahhh, the elusive great family holiday. Is it a myth? A rare unicorn of an event? As likely to happen as actually loving your haircut on the day you get it? Sure, we’ve all heard about other people having a fantastic…

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    The ultimate Christmas gift guide for new mums and babies

    What gifts do new mums really want? Stylish & Practical Nappy Bag A nappy bag is a must for all new mums and babies. It keeps everything a new mum may need when she heads out with baby – nappies, wipes, nappy balm, hand sanitiser, change mat, tissues, toys, bottles, bibs, change of clothes, hat, sunscreen, as well as mum’s keys, phone and wallet. Hedzup’s Neoprene Bags are perfect nappy bags. They are stylish, but also practical. The neoprene fabric means they are washable. A must when baby may spit up all over mum and the nappy bag. It happens. Neoprene also means waterproof, keeping mum’s and bub’s items dry.…

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    FREE Checklist – Newborn Essentials: Everything you need for a new baby

    Congratulations, you’re having a baby! Walking into a baby store can be overwhelming; there are so many products to choose from. What should you buy? Do you need one of everything? Which items are actually useful? What do you really need? Don’t stress. A new baby doesn’t need much – just to be kept warm, safe, fed, and loved. Whether you’re a first time mum or just need a reminder, download the newborn essentials checklist to help you prepare for the arrival of your new baby. FREE CHECKLIST – Newborn Essentials: Everything you need for a new baby I want the free newborn essentials checklist, and to receive emails from…

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    Complete baby capsule wardrobe guide 2019

    What are essential clothes you need for a new baby? How do you build a baby capsule wardrobe? How do you select items to include in your baby’s capsule wardrobe? The complete baby capsule wardrobe guide is coming soon. Enter your email address to be the first to know when it’s available. Notify me We will let you know when the Complete Baby Capsule Wardrobe Guide is available.