The best non-toy gifts for toddlers

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Toddlers don’t need a lot of toys. Most of the time they like everyday items around the house.

Today I’d like to introduce Sara from Caperly. She has compiled this super handy list of the best non-toy gifts for toddlers.

Best non-toy gifts for toddlers. Images: Caperly

Are you getting hot sweats thinking about Christmas shopping? Stuck for ideas of what to buy younger children this Christmas? Or are you trying to be a little more environmentally friendly with your gift giving this year? Why not check out Caperly; an online gift giving platform to buy experiences! The activities are all for Children and their families to enjoy in and around Sydney. It’s a hassle-free way to shop for presents kids will really love experiencing. If you would like to give the gift, make memories and consume less, I encourage you to have a look at my top ideas for buying toddlers the best non-toys gift ever!

Featherdale Wildlife Park

Featherdale Wildlife Park has the world’s largest collection of native Australian animals in a bush environment. Kids can feed the kangaroos, take a photo with a koala, and get close to many more Australian animals like echidnas, bilbies and dingoes. There are also many keeper talks; a great opportunity to learn about Australian animals and see them in action.

Caperly is having a sale on Featherdale Wildlife Park tickets to 31 December 2019 – discounted adult tickets and a bonus child entry with every adult ticket!

Art Play Group

Artspark Art Class. Image: Caperly

Artspark hosts a playgroup style art class from 18 months of age to 4 years old. The classes are full of fun and offer sensory exploration with new and different mediums for kids to enjoy each week. You might have given playdough a try at home or even paint but ahhh the mess you end up with sometimes out ways the short play with it. These classes provide everything you need even a smock, you might get the opportunity to use clay or acrylics or natural materials and each class you get to take home your very own creation.  The art activities are planned and suited to this age group, but parents are encouraged to get involved. Children can also experience gardening activities like watering, harvesting seasonable vegetables and even feeding the chickens. 

What I love; it is a casual and relaxed atmosphere in a beautiful indoor/outdoor setting where your hosts make you feel welcome each time you go. A big bonus is you can opt for drop in classes or sign up for a full 10-week term, offered during the School term.

Luna Park

Luna Park. Image: Caperly

Adventurous 2-3-year old’s will just love this action packed-fun filled amusement park. If you struggle to visit the shops without a toddler meltdown over those shopping centre ‘rides’ then this is an activity for you. Luna Park Sydney is bursting with exciting rides and features classic theme park sideshow games. Toddlers can enjoy a selection of rides created just for their size and enjoyment such as; U-drive, crazy cars and whirly wheel. Families love Coney Island; an old school fun house that has been delighting fans for over 80 years! Experience the magic at Luna Park, just for fun!

What I love; toddlers should fall into the ‘red’ rides pass (85cm – 105cm) which means there is set rides that are perfectly suited to them. Parents watch on and take dozens of photos aka – adults are not permitted on these rides this also makes for a cheaper day. Adults require a pass to visit Coney Island and some of the larger rides requires an accompanying adult ticket. Oh, and let’s not to forgot the idyllic setting and view of Sydney Harbour. 

Music Classes

Einsteinz Music Lesson. Image: Caperly

Children and their accompanying adults learn the fundamentals of music: beat, pitch, rhythm and tempo, through a specifically designed repertoire. Einsteinz Music instils a love of music in young children, through weekly term-run classes, led by professional musicians as teachers. Classes are a hands-on experience with the percussion instruments. Children participate in a variety of musical activities, sing, dance, move, play – and all classes finish with a jam session on the drums!

What I love; what’s not to love! Something entertaining to share together with your little one where you can meet other parents wanting to participate in a fun, learning activity. Multiple locations in Sydney and you can also give a trial class a go before signing up for a term. 

Swimming Lessons

What greater gift could you give to a toddler then learning a life-long skill, how to swim! Little Monsters Swim School is an AUSTSWIM accredited, fun and friendly swim school specialising in Water Babies and Learn to Swim classes. Share the joy of the water through song and play whilst building confidence and awareness of the water environment. Parents will also learn best practice for keeping little ones safe. 

What I love; it is a small pool this means only one class is on at one time. Those that have tried a big swimming centre might have experienced the inconsistent teachers and overwhelming about of other things going. This can sometimes hinder younger children getting comfortable with the water and make it difficult to concentrate. Plus, the indoor pool is heated to a warm 32 degrees all year round. 

Australian Reptile Park Exp Oz

Animal lover or insect obsessed child in your family or friendship circle? Get the picnic packed for a full day out. Experience the lost world of reptiles, smile at Elvis; dubbed Australia’s crankiest crocodile and learn more about spiders than you ever thought possible at the spider World. But don’t let the Reptile park name fool you into thinking that’s all there is to see and do. Enjoy a nature walk spotting birds within the aviary, keep your eyes open for Australia’s most unique and endangered nocturnal species and let’s not forget about some of our the cute and cuddly Aussie animals.

What I love; open, natural space! Free-range kangaroos grazing while you eat lunch oh and a children’s playground. Meet your friends or relatives from up the coast here for a fun filled family day out. Toddler (under 3 years of age) are free so you only need to purchase adult entry. 

Before rushing to the shops to buy the biggest, brightest or the latest gadget to hit the shelf, I would like to implore you to think a little ‘greener’ try to avoid buying too much plastic or excessive packaging, the children receiving these gifts will thank you in their future. Make memories with your kids, your grandkids or family and friends instead of being over-run with so many toys. We all dread the aftermath of Chrissy with the ‘where am I going to put all of this new stuff’ whereas an experience is something children can to do over those Summer months and/or into the year ahead.

Playfully skip and dance daily, 


About Sara

I’m Sara, a Sydney local and a Mumma who believes the answer to everything comes in a cuddle. I love to play, or should I say caper about, and we do this every day. I am happy to sit and play on the floor but prefer to skip and dance to any tune. I am very thankful children radio stations have been created and we don’t just listen to the same nursery rhymes on repeat.

I have worked in a few fields with the most rewarding being motherhood. I am a greenie at heart and my passion to change the way we give gifts has come to life to help our children’s future planet. Caperly aims to make buying and receiving gifts easier for busy families; those that also want to make a positive impact on our environment whilst making more memories. 

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