Pinterest Fonts: The ultimate guide to the best font pairings for Pinterest pins

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What Pinterest fonts should be used to create Pinterest pins? What are the best font pairings for Pinterest pins? Before I dive into this, it’s good to have an understanding of fonts, and the main types of fonts.

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What is a font?

A font is a set of text characters in a specific style and size. For example, Arial is a typeface family, Arial Bold is a typeface, and Arial Bold 10 point is a font. The terms font and typeface are often used interchangeably. I will be using font and typeface interchangeably in this post.

What are Pinterest Fonts?

Pinterest fonts are the fonts that work best for Pinterest pins. 

How many different fonts are there?

A typeface family (for example, Arial) is a collection of typeface designs (for example, Arial Bold) that are based on one alphabet style. There are hundreds, possibly thousands of typeface families. When you take size into account, it is estimated that there are at least half a million fonts available. With so many fonts available, how do you choose which fonts to use when creating Pinterest pins? I go into this below.

What are the four main types of fonts?

There are four main types of fonts: serif, san serif, script, and decorative.

1. Serif Fonts

Example of a serif font. Metal letters of Y, A and B are upside down.

Serif fonts are the classic fonts. They have small features or “little feet” at the ends of the letters, for example Times New Roman. Since they are easy to read, they are commonly used in print from short titles to logos to long pages of text.

2. San Serif Fonts

Example of a san serif font using large letters E and R.

Sans serifs fonts are fonts that don’t have the small features or “little feet”, such as Helvetica. San serif fonts are a clean and modern font. Also easy to read, in particular on digital screens. They work well for long paragraphs of text, as well as logos and headlines.

3. Script Fonts

Alphabet using delighty script font repeated, with a feather and quill as the background image.

Script fonts are fonts that imitate cursive handwriting, for example Playlist Script. There are formal and casual script fonts. Formal script fonts have lots of swashes – curls and loops. They are best for bringing a touch of elegance and for short amounts of text, such as wedding invitations. Casual script fonts have fewer swashes and are easy to read. Great for posters, logos and pamphlets.

4. Handwritten Fonts

Chalkier handwritten font used to repeat the word "chalkier" across an image of a notebook and 3 blue pins.

Handwritten or handwriting fonts mimic natural handwriting, and are not structured like script fonts. They are great for headlines, posters, logos, and book covers. Handwritten fonts have become more common in the last decade. For a great range of handwritten fonts, including Chalkier above, see Font Bundles.

Tips for the Best Font Pairings for Pinterest pins

How do I pair a font well for Pinterest pins? How do I match different fonts? The key is contrast. The more contrast between the fonts the better. Contrasting Pinterest fonts makes it easier to see what’s important and what’s not, as well as makes it easier to read. The font pairings tips below outline how you can easily select contrasting fonts. You only need to apply a few of these tips to achieve the best font pairings for Pinterest pins.

  1. Pair different types of fonts
    • Pair a serif font with a sans serif font
    • Pair a serif font with a script font
    • Pair a serif font with a handwritten font
    • Pair a sans serif font with a script font
    • Pair a sans serif font with a handwritten font
  2. Contrast font sizes
  3. Contrast font weights (thickness)
  4. Contrast distinct fonts with neutral fonts
  5. Use fonts from the same typeface family

Other Pinterest Fonts Tips

  1. Ensure script fonts are legible.
  2. Use script fonts with a thicker stroke as they are easier to read.
  3. Only use one script font on the Pinterest pin.
  4. For your main keyword, use a serif, sans serif or handwriting font, not a script font, for legibility.
  5. Only use two to three fonts on each pin.

Pinterest Fonts – Best Font Pairings for Pinterest Pins

Which two fonts go well together? Here are some font pairing examples to inspire you to create highly attractive and engaging Pinterest pins. There are numerous font combinations you can choose. Have a bit of a play to see what works. 

  1. Abril Fatface and Playlist Script
  2. Clear Sans Regular and Lemon Tuesday
  3. Lato and Satisfy
  4. Poppins Bold and Manjari Thin
  5. Montserrat Classic and Satisfy
  6. Julius Sans One and Euphoria Script
  7. Biryani Regular and Lemon Tuesday
  8. Antonio Bold and Shadows Into Light Two
  9. Alegreya Sans Regular and Playlist Script
  10. ABeeZee and Homemade Apple
  11. Chalkier and Delighty*
  12. Peachyday and Nicholia*
  13.  Montserrat and Dandelion*

*Available from Font Bundles

The 13 example best font pairings for Pinterest Pins mentioned in the post.

Best script fonts for Pinterest Pins

The key to choosing a script font for Pinterest pins is legibility of the script font. Using a script font creates great contrast, but your audience needs to be able to easily and quickly read the text on your pin. Here are examples of legible script fonts.

  1. Playlist Script
  2. Lemon Tuesday
  3. Satisfy
  4. Euphoria Script
  5. Homemade Apple
  6. Belly Betty
  7. Sensations and Qualities
  8. The Delicate
  9. Victoria
  10. Nicholia
  11. Dandelion

What fonts go well with script?

Serif, sans serif and handwritten fonts go well with script fonts. Here are some examples of fonts that go well with script. 

  1. Abril Fatface
  2. Clear Sans Regular
  3. Lato
  4. Montserrat Classic
  5. Julius Sans One
  6. Biryani Regular  
  7. Alegreya Sans Regular 
  8. ABeeZee
  9. Peachyday 

I hope these tips help you find the best font pairings for your Pinterest pins. If you would rather focus on writing amazing content for your audience, consider engaging a Pinterest Manager to help you with your pin creation and Pinterest management.

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